Home at Last

Provides safe, sober, affordable housing for women desiring to stop the addiction of drugs, alcohol, food and other coping behaviors that rob them of the freedom available. We offer practical tools for real and permanent change. We help and encourage women to grasp and implement the powerful biblical principles which are offered through daily prayer, education on understanding the brain and the mystery of addiction. We teach strategies to overcome self-destructive behaviors and the underlying issues that drive them.

We begin with a 30-day trial. If the partnership continues, a 12-month minimum commitment begins followed by an optional 6-month transition phase.

Month 1 is a trial period with a black out where residents are focused on settling into their new home, connecting with other residents and developing their program plan with assistance from staff. This phase will determine if the resident is willing to do what is necessary to change.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Months 2-12 include:

  • Genesis Process Relapse Prevention – A proven method used to help people identify and understand the root of self-destructive behaviors. To teach what is required to produce lasting change and recovery through biblical truths and to help anyone willing to change, to be able to change.
  • Bible studies – We teach the Word of God to equip women to live as overcomers with power and authority in the midst of a broken and fallen world.
  • Health and Wellness – Nutrition knowledge and education, work out trainer and gym available with food consumption that will heal our organs, minds and overall health.
  • Life skills – financial, employment readiness, boundaries cooking and other basic living skills to effectively run a home and environment that offers peace and health.
  • Recovery meetings – AA, NA, Celebrate Recovery along with church and volunteering in the community.
  • Assist with personal needs such as drivers license, restitution, general assistance, legal matters.
  • Counseling and Case Management

Months 12-18 option:

  • Working in the community, saving money and preparing for graduation and independent living.

Job Readiness:

  • LAST Boutique offers women the opportunity to learn retail skills, social media marketing, displaying merchandise, selling on line, marketing, business planning and skills necessary to run a profitable business.
  • We partner with other ministries that will teach and assist in entrepreneurship.

Please contact Judy Scott at (916) 532-4228 for more information. If you would like to apply, download and complete the application and send it to Judy at judys@lastministry.org.

Located in Lincoln, CA

  • Beautiful, Clean & Comfortable 
  • A Safe Place to Live 
  • Positive and Relaxing Environment
  • Adult Women Only, No Children, No Pets
  • Random Alcohol and Drug Testing
  • Close To:
    • Alcohol & Drug Recovery Meetings
    • Churches
    • Bus Routes